When I saw you

I was scared to talk to you

When I first talked to you

I was scared to kiss you

When I first kissed you

I was scared to love you

Now that I love you

I’m scared to lose you ;)

you never really care about me now, you forget me. I wanna come back to my past!!! because you really care about me

I miss it when you greeted me, I miss the time we laugh together, I miss everything about you ;(

I want to give my love to someone and I hope you’ll be the only one to receive

everytime I hear my message tone, I always hope one of them comes from you ;)

for my ex boyf

I’m not a perfect girl for you and I believe you’ll be happy with another girl who you love, even though my heart is sick.

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"I love you not because how famous you are, I love you because you are the only thing that can make me smile when I sad"
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"I don’t want to erase you from my mind eventhough I know i will get hurt from this"